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Bmw airhead ignition module

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Bmw airhead ignition module

2. Next Page. £49.99 BMW Airhead Boxer 70-80 HT lead kit. £44.99 BMW Airhead Boxer electronic ignition Hall sensor tester. £124.99 BMW Airhead Boxer post 1981 electronic ignition Hall sender REPLACEMENT kit. £49.99 BMW Airhead Boxer post 1981 electronic ignition Hall sender trigger unit REPAIR kit.This ignition replaces the ignition systems on all 1970-1995 BMW Airhead motorcycles. It is configurable for both single-plugged and dual-plugged engines. This ignition system is the last improvement ever needed on an Airhead ignition!

The EnDuraLast Electronic Ignition is an electronic light trigger and electronic ignition advance module from Sachse Elektroniks (Germany). On early-to-mid 70s models it replaces the stock, under-performing BMW points, condenser, and mechanical advance unit — AND on later models, the famously cantankerous electronic ignition control unit and "bean can" trigger unit. The spark plugs should NOT be resistance plugs, as the ignition module is not compatible with them. The spark plug wires have 5,000 Ohm plug caps just like the BMW electronic ignition system does. NOTE: The earlier mechanical points ignition used by BMW requires 1,000 Ohm plug caps.When BMW changed to the electronic ignition in 1981, which was triggered by semiconductor devices located in the canister at the end of the camshaft in the timing chest, previously occupied by points and condenser, the under-fuel-tanklocated 'black box' switched a high current through the coils, instead of mechanical points.> Other Auto Tools & Supplies. > BMW Airhead Exhaust Spanner. Engine Timing Tool Fits For BMW X1 X5 X6 N47 N47S N57 Engine tools....coil ignition delphi pa66 ds150e denso injector repair bmw 323i ignition coil bmw airhead ignition coils bmw z3 ignition coil injector nozzle repair kit. to Home , and you can find similar products at All Categories , Automobiles & Motorcycles , Auto Replacement Parts , Ignition System , Ignition Coil .

Replacement 7pin - Plug compatible with Airhead Ignition Module BMW # 12 14 2 325 284 (7 pin plug only) Will replace Female plug from the ignition cable 61 12 1 244 176. Rubber boot as well as connector seal for long lasting connection.Vehicle Manufacturer: BMW